Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Back to school (it's been a while!)

I have been away trying to live my "not a Step Mom" part of my life. My skids are a bit older and have more plans with friends so it's easier. Not that I want time away from them, but we all need to "grow".

Back to school is different for all Step Moms. I know some of you are custodial and while want the free time, it's back to hectic schedules. 50/50 parents will have a hard time too. As a non custodial EOW Step Mom, it doesn't really affect me.

But looking at social media does....

I have to see all of the pictures of kids going back to school. Before Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, reminders were few. Now, it's all up in our face! Take the time to go off your computers and clean out closets, offices, see your friends, etc. Just anything to take your mind off being childless.

I know it's hard; but you can DO IT!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Good Step Mom articles

Ok... let's get away from the negative! I stumbled upon a great site with some good articles. Honest and positive. Read this one and the one under "related post".

Have a great week and remember; you matter!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I think L'Wren Scott killed herself due to the depression of being a CSM

I saw something on the news this morning and Googled it. She was 49 and stated she wanted to marry Mick Jagger (her bf) and have a family. But she was 49, we know what that means and Mick has a gazillion kids at 70 years old. I read this and thought...did she kill herself because she was a childless SM (gf) and to top it off her business went bad? She had nothing left or to live for in her mind?
Here is the quote:
"There had also been reports that she was keen to have children and wanted to marry Sir Mick.
At the weekend she was not present at a joint baby shower for Sir Mick’s 42-year-old daughter Jade, who is expecting in May, and Jade’s daughter Assisi, 21, whose own baby is due in April. The party was reportedly organised by Sir Mick’s ex-wife Jerry Hall at the former marital home in Richmond, west London. Neither Sir Mick nor Scott were able to attend, as both were abroad."
I mean the BM there, the kid, AND her kid both expecting??? Must of KILLED her inside??? 

Just a theory...

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


One of my teenage Step daughters must have raging hormones because I want to kill her sometimes. It's not just how she talks or treats me, it's EVERYONE. Right down to her boyfriend! DH doesn't call her out as much as he used to because a) he doesn't want to be the bad cop b) he thinks it's just being a teenager. I totally *zip* it. It's tough but, we all know the saying; "NMKNMP".

While doing research, I found this article. Hope it helps you!

10 ways to support your wife as a Step Mother

Thursday, December 12, 2013

There is no place like home for the Hellidays!!!!

I know this time of year is rough for a lot of my fellow CSMs. Honestly, it's even hard for nuclear family women as well. Relatives that gets on your nerves, the pressures of gift shopping, the arrangements, food preparations...I could go on and on. It takes the fun out of the season sometimes.

Add steplife in and it's just a cauldron of crap soup.

Have some cocktails and hang in there my sisters.

I leave you with a great and FUNNY Step article. Some good and honest advice here.

Have a great Holiday and remember, you can always bitch here!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A very good Step Mother article

Mostly for people who are going to have bio kids but still, it outlines what we feel is normal.