Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mother's Day

This is probably the hardest day of the year for us. NO, we are not delusional in thinking we are Mothers via biology but, let me dissect it for you.
The whole holiday is to give thanks for all that Mothers do. Right? So, we as, SMs, do not cook, clean and do laundry for our stepkids? We don't give monetarily? We don't support? We don't comfort?
I guess it's all just a bad (or good) dream, right?

Oh and then there is the cards. I know that some of us came into our stepkids' life later or may not have a relationship, oh but there is a card for you too!
I would rather get no card at all than the on the bottom. Also, note that it is a very child like card so chances are "Dad's Wife" does for you what most Moms do. Hallmark should be ashamed ("why yes, we have a card for that!"). I guess you can give your favorite Uncles' wife a "Uncle's wife Day" card!

I want to let everyone know, my SDs give me cards. Mother's Day, not STEP. They write things in them. In fact, the year my Dad was dying of cancer, they recorded messages for me (and I was only ENGAGED to their Father).

Happy Mother's Day all Step Moms! Childless, fur Mommies, Blended Mommies, and also the ones who are not "Step" yet. Thank you for all that you do!