Monday, April 9, 2012

The ghost can scare who it can....

I cannot stand that my in laws keep bringing up BM's family CONSTANTLY in MY house. On a holiday I am hosting, nonetheless.

I leave the room, table, or whatever and no one notices. If it were my SDs, ok, but it is not. There is no reason for the bringing up either. I hate it. Then they wonder why I don't hang out so much. The sad thing is, I really love my in laws but, the pain is so bad sometimes. It does get better though with time, though. I think of the saying above.

I think I will bring up all of my successful ex boyfriends at next dinner. Or perhaps my past sex life because DH is bonded to BM by sex; theoretically, right?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

No one ever lets you forget you are the second wife and not the Mom

This blog post can go for any SM but, was especially hard for me as a CSM.

My DH's Grandmother is in a mental ward. She had some shock treatments and we visited her (she had them before). We took my SDs. Since they are both under the age of 14, they were not allowed in (they had to be 16). We also could only visit one at a time so DH went in first then me. I sat and talked to her for 10 minutes and then we went to the double locked doors that had windows so she could wave to my SDs.

She then told the nurse "Those are my girls". "This is my grandson's second wive so those aren't hers".

This woman can't remember where she lived, her son's death, where she was, or how to dress herself.

But she remembered that I was the second wife and childless.