Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Different views.

A lot of times the bio Father and bio Mother have different views. Typically, we side with our DH's. Not to be an adversary to BM, but we married a person who shares our values and most likely, we agree with him.

But what happens when you disagree with BOTH the BM and your DH?  Do you tell your step child what YOU feel?

This came up for me. I know it is bad to not side with my DH. We must be a united front. However, it was something I felt strongly about. It was something I just could not agree too.

Luckily for me, they really didn't ask my opinion but, I came up with a speech for the future.

"I have to side with your parents because they want  what is best for you".

This way, I am not going against DH and BM OR my beliefs.

Comments FROM ALL STEPMOTHERS are welcomed on this tough subject!

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