Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I think L'Wren Scott killed herself due to the depression of being a CSM

I saw something on the news this morning and Googled it. She was 49 and stated she wanted to marry Mick Jagger (her bf) and have a family. But she was 49, we know what that means and Mick has a gazillion kids at 70 years old. I read this and thought...did she kill herself because she was a childless SM (gf) and to top it off her business went bad? She had nothing left or to live for in her mind?
Here is the quote:
"There had also been reports that she was keen to have children and wanted to marry Sir Mick.
At the weekend she was not present at a joint baby shower for Sir Mick’s 42-year-old daughter Jade, who is expecting in May, and Jade’s daughter Assisi, 21, whose own baby is due in April. The party was reportedly organised by Sir Mick’s ex-wife Jerry Hall at the former marital home in Richmond, west London. Neither Sir Mick nor Scott were able to attend, as both were abroad."
I mean the BM there, the kid, AND her kid both expecting??? Must of KILLED her inside??? 

Just a theory...

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