Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Back to school (it's been a while!)

I have been away trying to live my "not a Step Mom" part of my life. My skids are a bit older and have more plans with friends so it's easier. Not that I want time away from them, but we all need to "grow".

Back to school is different for all Step Moms. I know some of you are custodial and while want the free time, it's back to hectic schedules. 50/50 parents will have a hard time too. As a non custodial EOW Step Mom, it doesn't really affect me.

But looking at social media does....

I have to see all of the pictures of kids going back to school. Before Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, reminders were few. Now, it's all up in our face! Take the time to go off your computers and clean out closets, offices, see your friends, etc. Just anything to take your mind off being childless.

I know it's hard; but you can DO IT!

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