Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Children born for a "purpose"

My Mother, who suffers from the worse case of NPD, OCD, and BP disorder, said to us when we were younger :"You have to have kids so someone can take care of you when you are old".

Yeah that's a great reason.

My Mother in law and her Mother were talking about a woman's fondness and over the top care of her dog.  Grandma said "oh when her daughter has a baby, she will change".

So you can't just genuinely love dogs AND children? It has to be one or the other? Does she really think that she will "diss" her dog for a baby? So her daughter should have a baby to make her Mother happy?

Seems like Grandma, whose son never married and took care of her until he unfortunately died of a heart attack at age 60 (rest his sweet soul) and my Mom are cut from the same time cloth. Children are born for a purpose. To take care of you or fulfill someone else's needs. 

My Father in law even told us that way back parents lent out their kids as young as the age of four to work in return for bartering items.

I am so glad women are not baby makers only nowadays and that children are born because their parents just wish for the joys of being a parent; not just for pleasing someone else.

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