Monday, October 28, 2013

"Act like the cool Aunt"

OMG if I read this in one more time in a Step Mom article, I am going to scream. "Don't pretend to be the Mom; more like a cool Aunt". Well guess what? An Aunt is RELATED. There are NO loyalty binds. If you do not have a good and/or strained relationship with the BM and be the "cool Aunt" exposing the child to something different you are met with either two setbacks. One is resentment for not being the first to do that cool thing with their child, or anger for doing something they did not approve of.

My God, can't we just be a Step Mom that provides love and shelter, etc? Why does it have to be so defined by a role that is CLEARLY not the same!


  1. Once again, I thank you for your candid posts, which hit right at the heart of the matter. I, too, do not understand why so many people think it necessary to tell step-mom to act like something or somebody else, which as you say doesn't even begin to get at the relationship step-mom is to have with the step-kids. Keep up the articles dear...informative!

  2. I hope that you are doing well. I'd really like to connect with you more.