Thursday, October 10, 2013

So while reading one article...

I found some of the comments interesting in this online piece. The article is about how you may not be ready to own a dog. A couple of the replies about how people should make sure they are prepared for children as well made me chuckle.



  1. Thank you! I've just read your entire blog in one sitting. It made me laugh, cry multiple times and smile. You've given me hope and reassured me that all these emotions I am feeling are normal. And more than that, I AM NOT ALONE!
    I am a CSM of two adorable SD's (4 and 6)... and lately I've just started feeling like this is all too much. (BM too close to DH, I will never be as important as she is, IL still adore BM even if she cheated on him... SIL just announced pregnancy...etc.) Lets just say, similarly the same stuff you've discussed! You've given me the strength to push forward and to stop telling myself that loving my SD's is wrong because they are not mine. Maybe its fear that I'm replaceable. .who knows. So once again, thank you and don't stop sharing your wisdom and knowledge.

  2. I am so glad you enjoyed my blog! We have quite a lot in common! It is not wrong to love them. It is not wrong to not love them. Every situation is different. Maybe it fear of being replaceable. Never thought of it that way but, I think as you build a history, you are not replaceable and there is only one you.
    Thank you for the compliments and I hope you keep reading and commenting.
    It comforts me that I can help even one woman (or man) through this journey I myself am still navigating.