Thursday, August 25, 2011


Bullying is serious. It is especially more serious in this day and age due to the internet and social media sites.

What kind of advice do you give as a Mother and/or Step Mom?

My SDs and my "bonus" SD (BSD=their Stepsister) came to my house. SD1 said "This girl called me fugly". My BSD said "They said I was fat and ugly". My first reaction was: "There will always be people who don't like you but, pay no mind to them. I have heard stuff like that before". They then said "but you are pretty".

That REALLY shocked me. They don't view themselves as pretty? They are lovely little ladies.The tween/teen years are so hard for girls. You want to hug them and protect them from evil/jealous people but,  how will they learn? They have a lifetime of that they need to be prepared for!

My other worry is this forms a backlash. They then make fun of others to make themselves feel better. That is not good either, I try to explain. Now they are the bullies and the unhealthy cycle begins.

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