Monday, November 28, 2011

Is a baby always a blessing?

I was pregnant once (total accident; used protection). I didn't keep it. Although it is a big regret of mine, I knew it was the wrong situation. The Father wanted nothing to do with him/her at first and treated me very badly (sadly; he asked me to marry him once it was too late and he realized he was wrong).

I often find women have babies for the wrong reasons. To reconnect with their husbands when really everyone can see they are not right for each other. This usually backfires once the baby can walk and draws them further apart. They have them even though the marriage is over to please others and have society view them as "normal". They also want to keep up with the Jones'. I guess being in a very unhappy marriage or divorced with 3 kids is better than being without. The children usually grow up with a bad view of relationships and repeat their parents' mistakes.

See, I thought I was doing the right thing.

As another CSM said
"I dont think children are always blessings per se. I do know they're innocent of adult choices. And some circumstances are not blessings for children."

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