Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Someone stole my heart

...and she weighs probably 8 pounds.

My brother in law needed someone to watch his dog while he and his family went away for a week. I love dogs. I used to have one.  So I volunteered.

I don’t know how I will give her back.

This dog is just one big mush. She loves being loved. She is a genuinely a good dog. I think the hubby is smitten too.  So much, we are contemplating getting one.

Watching the way DH (Dear Husband) plays with her and cracks a smile when she does something funny, make me love him more.  The teamwork is evident too. I called him to tell him I figured out what food she likes better, when she pooped, and how she liked looking out our bedroom window. He took her to work so she wouldn’t be alone. She snuggles with us. She needs us.

A pet is such a great addition to a family. We are happier to get home, laugh before we go to bed at her antics, and love the morning salutations.

Then the "what ifs" start?

I sometimes wonder if DH just had a bad go around the first time and what if we had a kid, would it be different? Is this what it would feel like? I know it is different but, this little animal is a breathing being with a heart. However, she won’t need braces, talk back, or sleep with boys (if we can help it!).

This dog bought us closer.  I don’t know if a child would do the same.


  1. My DH has three and I have one from our previous marriages... yet I still want another, with HIM. His ex had him neutered a few years before their divorce so getting pregnant would be quite a feat (cost and otherwise).. but here's what I have to say..
    If you want to be a BM, you'll resent and regret never having that opportunity. I'm not saying It'll bring you closer or push you further away, that depends on you both.. but having already started to feel the pangs of "why her and not me" in my marriage, even with my own natural daughter bopping around, I tend to believe that sacrificing stepmoms are almost always going through the same conflicting feelings. The good of the marriage, family, and your own emotional health aren't always unanimous. Good luck to you!

  2. Thank you, Tiffany.

    Blended families where there are a "his and hers" but no "ours" also suffer the same conflicted feelings as a CSM situation. They can even be more difficult due to the sometimes "not all sides are fair" elephant in the room. It can bring upon resentment and competition on many levels. I see it with my BM's situation.

    My situation is more of a "childless by circumstance" and it is something I try to deal with daily. I know it will never go away but, I have made peace with it.