Monday, July 18, 2011

We don't hate kids...honest!

I have friends from elementary school I reconnected with recently whom I get together with once in a while. Facebook is not only used for hooking up with past loves!

Coincidentally, we have no children. Wonder if it was the water we drank in our hometown? Some are childless by choice. Some are childless by circumstance (no partner or means).

Our G2Gs are fun! However, I noticed something we always end up talking about: children. Yes, the childless women still talk about kids!

I talk about my Stepchildren, obviously. One gal talks about her niece and nephew that she takes care of while the parents work (she works from home). One friend talks about her niece that she guides through teen hood with great wisdom.  The niece seeks advice from her Aunt with situations she may not want to present to her own Mother. One woman who I grew up with since I was a baby, has at least 12 nieces and nephews! She is very much a part of their lives and babysits often!

There is a stigma if you have no children, you must not like them. That is not true. We all talk with laughter and love about these kids we did not give birth too. Obviously for the CSM, there is no common blood bond so it's a wee bit different. However, we are mentors in these children's lives in some capacity and it obviously brings us joy no matter what the connection is. We still enjoy them very much!

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